Multi-Passionate People with a LOT of Big Ideas Like You will NEVER Fit into a Box...

... because you live outside the box
and your "solution" lives within YOU

The reason you are Chasing Your Tail On the Hamster Wheel is you are trying to stuff your Multi-Talented, Multi-Passionate Self with a Big Unique Vision and a Whole Lot of Awesome Ideas into a Cookie-Cutter Box because the "Gurus" say so...

You have many great ideas, but feel like all over the place. You have been told they don't "fit" together.

But what if they do? Think "peanut butter cup" or "bacon, chili, chocolate"… Separately they don't look like they would play nice together, but when you combine them in certain ways, BAM! They are magical.. and they SELL!

But up until now...

You have purchased programs and trainings hoping for the "magic bullet", but they only resulted in busywork, made you sound like everyone else and got you stuck in analysis paralysis... or even made you feel like "there is something wrong with you" because you didn't get the results "as advertised."

You know what you want to be doing, and who your dream clients are... but you can't seem to find the right WORDS that just freaking clicks and tell YOUR story.

As a result, you fumble and babble when you talk about the "what you do and how you do it" and not getting the right clients in the door.

You know it's time to get off the hamster wheel so you can finally have ALL your ideas, passion, talents and skills expressed fully and unapologetically in your business.

Deep down, you KNOW it's possible to design viable plan that makes sense to YOU, without sacrificing who you are. (Hey, read this again... no compromise!)

You want the CLARITY, the PLAN and the WORDS so you can find the right people
and tell them what you do... in waaaay less than 15 paragraphs!

Let's unwrap the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cup and Bacon Chili Chocolate Bar for YOUR business...

Introducing... YOUR Winning FormulaTM

You don't have to follow other people's blueprints and systems.

You can have YOUR very own Winning Formula, plug in what you have learned in programs and trainings and do it YOUR way so you can break out of cookie-cutter business existence without reinventing the wheel.

You can nail your Core MESSAGE, find the WORDS to talk about it,
and have a PLAN to work it... YOUR way.

You can have a business that works for YOU, taking into account ALL your vision, conviction, ideas, passions, talents and skills... no more busywork, just inspired actions that give you results.

With YOUR Winning FormulaTM, you will:

  • Tie all your ideas into one cohesive message that sells.
  • Be able to communicate the "what you do and how you do it" confidently.
  • Be inspired to create products and programs that align with YOU.
  • Have a plan that gets you out of analysis-paralysis.
  • Turn all the trainings, programs and tools you have purchased to work hard FOR you.

YOUR Winning Formula Intensive is your "Get Out Of {Business} Jail Free Card"

Imagine, ​in just a few weeks, you will...

  • Find that golden thread to tie all your great ideas, knowledge, expertise and superpowers into one cohesive message that resonates with your peeps.
  • Be able to confidently articulate your core message into "what you do and how you do it" in a way that sells. You will attract your dream clients and be excited to get into sales conversations (imagine that!)
  • Have clarity to guide your product or service creation so your offerings reflect your value, passion and superpowers; supported by a message that fully aligns with your vision and conviction. You will be jazzed about marketing (!) because it's now about sharing who you really are with the world.
  • Turn all your ideas, passions and talents into a personalized plan that lays out all the components and steps to implement to reach your goal. You will know exactly what to do so you no longer feel overwhelmed, or get stuck in analysis paralysis. You can take meaningful and impactful actions that lead to more clients and more income.
  • Be able to plug the strategies and tactics you have learned in programs and trainings into YOUR Winning Formula to get the results you want in a way that resonates with you. You can dust them off your hard drive, and they will no longer make you feel guilty or incompetent. In a way, we are putting money back in your pocket.
  • Have a solution that your "mind" can get on board with because it's grounded in the "real world", and your heart & guts will looooove because it comes from your deep being.

The Sheer Relief is Bliss!

Before I had the good fortune to work with Ling I had been spinning my wheels for almost 12 months... I am multi-passionate and have a variety of skills and gifts so my biggest challenge was to draw them together in a way that felt good to me and that I was confident in speaking about.

Within this one clarity session Ling saw all the aspects of who I am and what I do, and lasered in on how to tie all the aspects that were important to me into something I am so excited about. Finally, I know what to talk about and how! The sheer relief is bliss!

Tina Bindon Soul Alignment Coach, 

Whip-Smart Business Acumen + Intuitive Soulwork

Before working with Ling, ...I didn't feel that my brand and practice were fully aligned with my passions and vision. My biggest problem was a total lack of clarity, and a sense of overwhelm which made me feel stuck.

My "niche" was hodgepodge and my message was not clear. I needed help! I reached out to Ling because I was looking for someone who could combine whip-smart business acumen with intuitive soul work. In our one hour consultation, Ling was able to tune in and bring forth amazing insight and perspective.

We dove into my money mindset, archetypes and fears - Ling helped me uncover more in 3 months than I have been able to in 3 years! ...I LOVE my newly defined direction and message, have much more clarity and confidence, and I have a new high end program to offer clients. Ling's coaching is smart, no-nonsense, highly intuitive and extremely practical and applicable - I'm so grateful to have her continued support... she's the best!

Venessa Rodriguez Wildly Rooted - Health & Creativity for women  

Are you doing Busywork or are you being Effective?

When I talk to my clients and potential clients, I often ask what they have done as an attempt to nail their message, create offerings to reflect their vision and superpowers, and "find the words" to talk about them.

Many told me they have taken those very popular $1,999 or $3,997 training programs but have no idea how to fit all the pieces together.

They felt stuck - they have a load of information on the million different things they could do, but have NO idea where to begin... because they didn’t have clarity about what truly lights them up, and how to talk about it!

Or, they got their "five minutes of fame" in a coaching call and got pushed into a "solution," e.g. a niche that they don't fully resonate with but were told that it's "viable", and after 6 months of busywork, they realized they have gone down a rabbit hole they have no business to be in.

Trainings and programs that push people into action before  they have the clarity and a big picture roadmap can do more harm than good.

I too have done busywork that led nowhere - it may look "productive" but ultimately, if the action you take doesn't contribute to you living your purpose, it's time wasted.

I want my clients to know the time and effort they invest will be fruitfully rewarded with a business that is a full expression of their originality, individuality, creativity and most important of all, their purpose, vision and convictions.

With that intention, I want to give you something different. Wonder if we can make magic together? Knowing a little about me may help ;)

I am a Misfit Rebel Maverick... always have been, always will be.

I have cut off my limbs to fit into "other people's boxes" and now I say "NO MORE!" for all of us.

I started my business to escape from the cubicle. I took trainings and programs, did everything "by the book" and got some results (hitting the 6-figure mark in 18 months.)

However, something was bugging me. As I followed the "systems and blueprints" from others, I felt like being put on some factory assembly line.

I was spoon fed a bunch of information and told to execute. I was given blueprints but my creative maverick rebel personality could rarely "do as they say" and when things didn't work well, I fell into the comparison trap and believed there was something wrong with me.

I was doing what everyone else was doing and no longer felt the FIRE, the excitement, the drive - what got it all started. My mission, vision, and passion got diluted along the way. Business became "meh" and it's not the way I wanted to roll.

I created Business Soulwork to usher in a new paradigm of business artistry to celebrate our creativity, individuality and originality - loudly, fully, and unapologetically.

I am not smashing things out of teenage rage.
I am not mixing bacon with chocolate just to get attention.

I actually deliver the goods, and here is how:

My holistic approach is where left brain and right brain happily co-create:

Right brain: I am highly intuitive and time and again, I have helped my clients get to the soul of their business within just one session. If you are into hand analysis, I have a load of intuitive gift marks, including a Persephone headline, two Neptune stars (empath), two Moon stars (psychic)... alongside a genius headline (make complex ideas simple), an Apollo star (creativity) and Saturn star (wealth generator.)

Left brain: I got my training in architecture from Yale College and Harvard Design School, then I spent 10 years managing online marketing projects in ad agencies for many Fortune 500 companies, specializing in strategies and design.

When I sense/hear/see something, I don’t beat around the bush. I TELL you what you need to look at that is going to move the needle for you. You don’t have to journal till you turn blue, or talk till the cows come home.

I don't enter any client work with preconceptions so I can help my clients open up their imagination to be innovative and creative. Once we land on a guiding vision that really clicks, we ground the big picture and the plethora of ideas with smart strategies, practical tactics, and a plan that ties them all together.

I don't make shit up and shove it down your throat...

I start all my clients with a blank slate - I don't have a process I squeeze everybody through. You a blank canvas to tell your own story; blaze your own trail.

I know, it's probably not the first time you hear this. But as a Reflector in Human Design (less than 1% of the population are Reflectors,) I am designed to show you your true colors... because, in a way, I am incapable of mucking it up with my own baggage.

The vision, ideas and whatnot all sound good in your head, but can you get it out into the world?

I have a thing with words - I can find the exact words for my clients to talk about the "what they do and how they do it" in a way that really clicks. Many tell me I say exactly what they really want to say, only better.

By finding the words that excite and inspire my clients, I help them connect with their purpose, experience it in tangible form, and cultivate the confidence to step up and commit to success.

(The way you say things affects the way you perceive them. How you communicate what you do affects how you perceive yourself. It's NOT "just verbiage")

Here is the critical piece so many are missing...

As a Sacred Money Archetype Certified Coach and a Certified Fear Releasing Method Practitioner, I am armed with the knowledge and tools to help you get over the mindset hurdles. Having a plan is one thing, you taking action is where the rubber meets the road.

It's quite typical that I help my clients unravel years of mindset gunk by asking just a few questions. One client told me how one particularly powerful session during which we worked through her fears was more powerful than years of therapy.

Ultimately, the only thing I really care is YOU getting results...

Even with all the "woo-woo" and brainiac stuff, I am no rainbows and unicorns, and I don't live in the ivory tower. Talk is cheap, I go to bat for your bottom line. I will kick you into action, on behalf of your business.

Rocked My Networking Event

“After my call with Ling I felt energized by her straight up no BS style. I had much more clarity on what I offer and how to narrow down my market so I can create targeted messages. She helped me realize that I was sending mixed messages in my approach and helped me clarify what to offer that is align with my strength and my passion – in less than an hour! Two days after our call I delivered my 30 second elevator speech to my business networking group and I had their attention in a way that hasn’t happened before (and I have taken trainings from a big-name coach who is “famous” for networking)!”

Janine McHale Holistic Health Coach

Captured My Essence and Identity In 30 Minutes

"Starting a business comes with a tremendous amount of indecision, and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that you are not going to get anywhere trying to sort through it all by yourself. During my half hour Session with Ling I was able to capture the essence of my passion and tweak my business to reflect that. We rewrote the language of my website to capture the interest of potential clients while also properly conveying my true identity. I am very grateful for the clarity I received from this session!"

Jess Hershey Social Media Expert

Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels?

What you can expect when you complete YOUR Winning Formula Private Intensive:

  • Know how to express your creativity and individuality through your business as we dive deep into your purpose, identity and vision.
  • Have a viable business model that reflects the alchemy of ALL your ideas, skills & tools.
  • Feeling like a misfit? We will make YOU the niche! (and own the hell out of it!)
  • Be fully connected with your business, excited about putting your work out there and have a renewed conviction to make it all happen. (It's not about accountability; it's about creating Inevitability.)
  • Upgrade your mindset to step up, own your big vision and sell your products or services at a price you feel good about.

... and we get you there in just a few weeks (like magic!) with my undivided attention:

1. Your MESSAGE - have ALL of YOU in your business

2. The WORDS - get more ideal clients in the door

3. A PLAN - get off the hamster wheel and do what matters

You will complete this private intensive with YOUR Winning Formula - a personalize roadmap based on YOUR goals and vision that resonates with the real, deepest part of you.

You will have all the components planned out to support your desired outcomes, and the steps to accomplish each component laid out so you know exactly what meaningful actions to take.

How YOUR Winning Formula can look like

Do you really want to waste another 3 or 6 or 12 months of your life on the hamster wheel?

Right now, you can get access to this
unlike-any-other-program experience for $1,197:


Sessions are for butt-kicking, not hoarding. All sessions must be completed within 3 months of your payment.

Need a payment plan? Here are some options:

If you are a US resident, you can checkout with PayPal Credit to spread out your payment over 6 months with no fee or interest:

Otherwise, I have a payment plan available. Contact me for details.

Got Q's? Wondering if it's right for you?

" I am just starting out and don't have anything set up, is it right for me?"

"My business is plugging along and I have the basic marketing touch points all set up. I just feel like I sound a tad generic, or ‘something is missing’, even though I have done everything ‘by the book’ like I was taught in some trainings and programs. Is this program too ‘basic’ for me?"

"I am in another training (or two, or three...) learning all these social media, copywriting, online marketing and whatnot stuff – why do I need this intensive?"

"Do I have to spend a lot of time doing the assignments?"

"Is it really possible to find that golden thread to tie all my ideas, passions, tools and skills together? I got shot down so many times already... :("

Got more Qs? Wanna chat? Shoot me an email and I will get back to you asap.

Turned My Dream into Reality in just ONE Session

"After only one session with Ling, I was on the path that would turn my mission from merely a dream into reality. My "Personalized System", often referred to in the coaching world as the signature system, is finally out there in its proper "Spotlight" and it's 100% due to Ling's commitment to me and getting this done."

rick Gabrielly 

Reconnected with My Message, Bowled Over with Clarity & Excitement

"After just one session with Ling I am bowled over with what she's helped me to define! Her fine honed listening and intuitive skills took me much further than I had anticipated and left me with anticipation and excitement for what's yet to come. If you're ready to bust out of your bullshit stories, I highly recommend her!"

Bronwyn Clee Emotional Fitness Coach, 

Let's do it, because I know you can (and you KNOW it too):

Once you sign up, you get instant download of the prep work so you can get cracking. Just doing the prep work has been very eye opening for my clients, and they gain a lot of clarity even before we get on the phone.

You will also receive instant access to your BONUS - the Monetize Your Truth self-guided course (retail value $147). Module #1 will help you dive deep into your prep work so we can take you as far as you are willing to go.

Your "Get Out of { Business } Jail Free Card" is right at your fingertip...

It's time to have YOUR Winning Formula - a personalize roadmap based on YOUR goals and vision that resonates with the real, deepest part of you.

You will have all the components mapped out to support what you really want and who you really want to BE, and the steps to accomplish each component so you know exactly what meaningful actions to take.

Can you afford spending more time throwing spaghetti on the wall?

You could have a completely clear direction for your business in just a few weeks... and know exactly how to talk about "what you do and how you do it" to get your dream clients!

Get off the hamster wheel, kick overwhelm, stop busywork, and do what really matters for a meaningful and profitable business:

Core Message + The Words + the Plan = Results!

Hop on this exclusive experience for $1,197:


Sessions are for butt-kicking, not hoarding. All sessions must be completed within 3 months of your payment.

Need a payment plan? Here are some options:

If you are a US resident, you can checkout with PayPal Credit to spread out your payment over 6 months with no fee or interest:

Otherwise, I have a payment plan available. Contact me for details.

p.s. as I was ironing out this unique offering with my coach, she told me the value of what clients will get out of this experience is worth WAY more than the $1,197 price tag. This offer will not stay at this price forever.

But I am not going to pull some scarcity tactic on you – because I want the urgency to come from WITHIN YOU.

You KNOW it’s time to get the clarity and break free from drone-clone business existence – because you have done the assembly line thing and they just don’t work.

You KNOW it’s time to stop spending time and money hoping to find the “magic bullet” outside of you. You KNOW it’s time to Monetize Your Truth.