Ever wonder why you followed those Facebook ad trainings,
sales conversation scripts, or client attraction programs
to a freakin’ T yet not getting results "as advertised"?

Here’s the small print those sales pages conveniently left out
so they can pull that “sign up before sunset” scarcity tactic on you:

You Need Something SELLABLE* To Sell
Before Those Tactics Can Work For YOU.

You may *think* you’ve something to sell. BUT WAIT, think again…

You Can SELL Like You Mean It?

* not only does it have to appeal to your market, but it also has to be MEANINGFUL to YOU.
Otherwise, your selling is gonna suck anyway.

If you’re here, I assume you want a business that’s more than following the flock and punching the clock.

I’m not talking about selling some random “off the shelf” generic programs – those can only get you so far if you, like me, are multi-talented and multi-passionate because...

Frameworks handed to you by others box you in and stifle your Creativity.

Do you want a signature program that…

You can stand behind boldly and unapologetically?

Is a reflection of your value and conviction?

Highlights the unique combo of your skills, experiences and superpowers in a way that
resonates with YOU and your niche?

If you don’t have an offer you can stand behind whole-heartedly, you're not going to sell it like you mean it. And you're not going to get the results you want.

Not just the act of selling. If you’re anything like me, you can bust your ass on "do-do-do" and go through the motion of “marketing.”

If the energy behind the marketing communications or sales conversations for your offer is not aligned with your conviction and personality, potential clients can smell the BS from miles away.

Then all is for naught.

If you aren’t confident about what you’re selling,
how can you expect your potential clients to have confidence in you??!

Are you ready for a signature program that's…

A full reflection of who YOU are... without compromise, reservation or fears?

This “something to sell” is the component many business trainings gloss over, yet it’s also the linchpin that can determine the success of a marketing strategy or tactic.

If you don't have something MEANINGFUL to sell, 
what's the point of jumping into selling?

Without a signature program built from the ground up to encompass ALL of YOU, you'd end up doing busywork with little ROI.

You’d get stuck in a place of KNOWING you’ve so much more to offer yet can’t get “it” off the tip of your tongue. “It” swirls in your head and comes out like gobbledygook.

You’re caught at the POINT OF NO RETURN after having glimpses of what’s possible with your potential and you can’t put yourself back into the box.

Yet without putting it into a framework for growth and expansion, and a structure for effective delivery, you hold back from sticking your neck out and getting in front of the right peeps.

It pisses me off that so many trainings and programs gloss over this important piece of do you have something MEANINGFUL to sell” and push participants right into clone-drone do-do-do mode.

(I've seen too many of those 4-part videos that said "assuming you have something good to sell" and leave you holding the bag...)

And when it "doesn't work," you feel like there's something wrong with you. 

Making yourself wrong is the enemy to creativity & possibilities.

Welcome to the Signature Program Design Intensive

If you're game to join me, here's how the private Signature Program Design Intensive will go down:


2. POWERFUL MARKETING - words that connect, resonate & SELL

3. CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION - a framework for growth and expansion

4. ROCK THE ENROLLMENT CONVO - never fumble about pricing and delivery again

Tina Bindon soul alignment coach TinaBindon.com

The Sheer Relief is Bliss!

Before I had the good fortune to work with Ling I had been spinning my wheels for almost 12 months... I am multi-passionate and have a variety of skills and gifts so my biggest challenge was to draw them together in a way that felt good to me and that I was confident in speaking about.

[In just one session] Ling saw all the aspects of who I am and what I do, and lasered in on how to tie all the aspects that were important to me into something I am so excited about. Finally, I know what to talk about and how! The sheer relief is bliss!

Turned My Dream into Reality in just ONE Session

After only one session with Ling, I was on the path that would turn my mission from merely a dream into reality. My "Personalized System", often referred to in the coaching world as the signature system, is finally out there in its proper "Spotlight" and it's 100% due to Ling's commitment to me and getting this done.

Rick Gabrielly theMarriageBoss.com
Bronwyn Clee emotional fitness coach, bronwynclee.com

Reconnected with My Message; Bowled Over with Clarity & Excitement

After just ONE session with Ling I am bowled over with what she's helped me to define! Her fine honed listening and intuitive skills took me much further than I had anticipated and left me with anticipation and excitement for what's yet to come. If you're ready to bust out of your bullshit stories, I highly recommend her!

Talk is cheap, let's get it DONE...

This program is a 6-6-6 (gasp!) private experience that includes a “support and rematch” component (I haven't seen anywhere else) to address challenges you might have experienced in other programs and training.

Typically we pay a coach or join a program. We’re handed a timeline (aka, their agenda.) We’re expected to complete the work within that structure. We got sent off with the first iteration of the offer or program… buh-bye.

No one is there when you put the program into the real world of marketing, selling and working with clients. If something isn’t gellin’, you don’t have the support to course correct.

So you throw the baby out with the bath water and yikes, back to square one.

I want to make sure the above scenario doesn’t happen. Yet there’s no reason to make you pay a lot for some “ongoing support” if you nail it the first time around. Hence this unique “SUPPORT + REMATCH” structure:

  • 1. CREATE >>
  • 2. SUPPORT >>
  • 3. REMATCH >>

First 6 Weeks:

(6) 50-min phone sessions during which we work on the steps listed above to design your signature offer/program.

It's a roll up our sleeves let's kick some butt kind of program. You can email me any time in between sessions to get feedback and ask questions.

Unless you sit on your bum and do nothing (like all coaching programs, you're responsible for your results,) you’d complete this segment with the first iteration of your signature program you can confidently sell.

You have something to sell and start generating cash flow.

* To keep up the momentum, all session must be completed within 12 weeks of initial payment - otherwise, you snooze you lose.  

Now that you've read this far. You at least give a bit of a crap.

For a change, let's do it the straight-shooter way. No beating around the bush.

Right now, you can hop on for $1,197.

(My 4-session pack goes for $1,197, so it's a very good deal.)

Tricked ya, didn't I? ;)

I'm not ready to take your money... yet.
I want to chat with you first. I want to make sure this is the right program for YOU... & you’re ready to bust your ass, do the work and get results.

You know how long people can noodle on their signature program? Too long, and it's painful to watch how their message get watered down and buried. Don't let that happen to you.

There’s no obligation to get on the phone.
The very least you’d walk away with some clarity well worth the 20 minutes.
I won’t push this program on you if it’s not a good fit.
I want the urgency to come from my clients. There'll be no "if you don't pull out your credit card and get the fast action discount now you're a loser."

Build your signature program from the ground up,
with a solid foundation, in just 6 weeks:

^^ this button is real. Don't believe me? CLICK IT!
Or you can do it the old school way by emailing ling [at] business-soulwork [dot] com.

If you're wondering WTF I am, here's the short version:

I created Business Soulwork to usher in a new paradigm of business artistry to celebrate our creativity, individuality and originality - loudly, fully, and unapologetically.

Like my fellow multi-talented and multi-passionate maverick-preneurs, I'm done with cutting off my limbs to fit into someone else's box.

Reinventing the wheel is stupid, but we gotta put ourselves in the driver's seat, before the wheel can take us places.

My holistic approach is where left brain and right brain happily co-create:

Right brain: I'm highly intuitive and time and again, I've helped my clients get to the soul of their business within just one session. If you're into hand analysis - I've a load of intuitive gift marks, including a Persephone headline, two Neptune stars (empath), two Moon stars (psychic)... alongside a genius headline (make complex ideas simple), an Apollo star (creativity) and Saturn star (wealth generator.)

Left brain: I got my training in architecture from Yale College and Harvard Design School, then I spent 10 years managing online marketing projects in ad agencies for many Fortune 500 companies, specializing in strategy, content and design.

When I sense/hear/see something, I don’t beat around the bush. I TELL you what you need to look at to move the needle for you. You don’t have to journal till you turn blue, or talk till the cows come home.

I don't make shit up and shove it down your throat...

As a Reflector in Human Design (less than 1% of the population are Reflectors,) I am designed to show you your true colors... because, in a way, I am incapable of mucking it up with my own baggage.

The vision, ideas and message all sound good in your head,
but can you get it out into the world boldly and unapologetically?

By finding the words that excite and inspire my clients, I help them connect with their purpose, experience it in tangible form, and cultivate the confidence to step up and commit to success. They tell me I say exactly what they really want to say, only better.

If I'm your cuppa tea, let's talk:

Or you can do it the old school way by emailing ling [at] business-soulwork [dot] com.

Rocked My Networking Event

After my call with Ling I felt energized by her straight up no BS style. I had much more clarity on what I offer and how to narrow down my market so I can create targeted messages. She helped me realize that I was sending mixed messages in my approach and helped me clarify what to offer that is align with my strength and my passion – in less than an hour! Two days after our call I delivered my 30 second elevator speech to my business networking group and I had their attention in a way that hasn’t happened before (and I have taken trainings from a big-name coach who is “famous” for networking)!

Janine McHale
Holistic Health Coach

Captured My Essence and Identity in 30 Minutes

Starting a business comes with a tremendous amount of indecision, and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that you are not going to get anywhere trying to sort through it all by yourself. During my half-hour Session with Ling I was able to capture the essence of my passion and tweak my business to reflect that. We rewrote the language of my website to capture the interest of potential clients while also properly conveying my true identity. I am very grateful for the clarity I received from this session!

Jess Hershey
Social Media Expert

Right about here is where I'd put some FAQs to handle objections before they pop up in your head. Since we're going to get on the phone and you can ask me anything, I figure I'd spare you the pain of long-ass sales page and leave you to do what really matters.

Need a payment plan? If you're a US resident you can look up PayPal Credit to spread out the payment over 6 months with no fees:

Otherwise, we'll work something out during our call.

p.s. There’s a bike route called “Paradise Loop” close to my house. I’ve ridden it many times, but never on my own for fear of getting lost in the twists and turns.

The day I was writing this page, my legs screamed “PARADISE!!” And so I went, alone.

I experienced Paradise in a whole new way… By riding on my own, I made it mine.

Turns out, my legs are pretty wise because we brought home a message for you:

For all the skills, experiences, knowledge and certifications you’ve under your belt, they’re just discrete pieces of information until you do it YOUR way, connect the dots and make them your own...

... to create the FULLEST EXPRESSION of your values, convictions, superpowers, skills and experiences.

Sticking to a certain way you’ve been taught (or riding with a group) can be easier, safer and rewarding at times. Yet venturing out and doing it YOUR way brings a whole new level of LIVING OUT LOUD.

(Even if the last bit on the highway got a little dicey. Live and learn.)

When you tie ALL of YOU together with your golden thread, you can truly express yourself boldly and unapologetically through YOUR BODY OF WORK.

Nobody can take it away from you.
You'll gain a whole new level of focus and motivation, and no longer be distracted by bright shiny objects that suck up your time, money and energy.

You can communicate with confidence – rock any networking event, presentation or enrollment conversation.

You can sell like you mean it, with pride and conviction – and command a price that makes you feel awesome.

Ride it your way, and see what "Paradise" can look for you:

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