Nail Your Message, Monetize Your Truth

Get Your Soul to Show You the Money

Are you ready to hit the ground running to build Your Biz Your Way
and nail your MESSAGE and lucrative NICHE from the get go?

Do you want to have a business driven by your vision, superpowers and PERSONALITY, with a suite of UNIQUE and MARKETABLE offerings that sell?

Are you done with the hamster wheel of Bright Shiny Objects and ready to stop dabbling and find your FASTEST PATH TO CASH?

Good news – setting the foundation to make all of these, and more, happen is not rocket science.

My secret sauce doesn’t require you to have 10 social media platforms, 3,000 subscribers, a 50-page website, or write 20 blog posts a month - if that's not for you.

The process may even sound deceptively simple – that’s why most business and marketing trainings gloss over it so they can send you down the rabbit hole of busy work to justify their high price tag.

Sadly, for most people, jumping into busy work before they set the foundation drains their time, money and energy instead of yields them results. (Your foundation may not be solid even if you have been in business for a while.)

The missing piece in those trainings is the critical bit that supercharges all those tactics and strategies, and actually make shit HAPPEN the way you want.

That’s why I created this fast-track program to
stop the hamster wheel confusion and madness for you.

This is not some “get rich quick” scheme. This is not some “magic bullet” that makes you do busy work and gives your false hope.

There is no flashy internet marketing gimmick du jour, nor the latest “hypnotic” sales tactic that makes you do things you don’t align with.

Here, you get Sustainable Fulfillment and Long-Term Profitability.

Here, you get solid foundation to make your business work FOR you.

I will help you translate your passion, vision and superpowers into
marketing communication and offerings that sell.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You can’t articulate succinctly and confidently “what you do and how you do it” with 110% conviction and 0% rambling (maybe you wish it will never be your turn in a networking event...)
  • You don’t have your lucrative niche totally nailed (i.e. if you are asking “where do I find my clients?” or “how do I make them buy?”) and you haven’t figured out how to monetize your Superpowers (i.e. you sound just like everyone else and worry about competition.)
  • You got a bag full of tools, went through a slew of trainings and have a string of alphabets behind your name, but you don’t have a unique and marketable offer to bring all of these modalities together so you can clearly communicate the tremendous value you offer to your potential clients. (You wonder why your potential clients aren't "getting it" after you spent 45 minutes explaining what you do...)
  • You don’t have a profitable business model that is coherent with your passion, vision and superpowers, at the same time allows you to do Your Biz Your Way and bring you joy in your work.

This is what you can expect in this different breed of a training program:

Find your no-BS cut-to-the-chase Fastest Path to Cash free of unnecessary busy work (You still have to do some meaningful and impactful work, there is no magic bullet.)


Transform soul-digging AHA-moments-producing exercises into marketing materials that sell so you won’t be journaling till you turn blue but get nothing to show for.


Find the ultra-CLARITY that will ignite the FIRE in your GUTS to fuel your actions and give you the GUMPTION to make it happen. The kind of GUMPTION rooted in your TRUTH that will give you the TRUST to do what you need to do. No more giving up, no more dabbling.


Overcome fears and mindset blocks that are the real reasons why you haven’t already made it happen. No glossing over, no “rainbows and unicorn”, no lip servie. They will be dissected with real-life examples and practical processes to get you unstuck.


Infuse your awesome PERSONALITY into your biz so you can make competition a non-issue, command premium pricing and share your vision and passion with the world boldly and unapologetically.

Good trainings help you connect the dots. Really good trainings give you the dots and help you connect them. I want to show you how to make your own dots and connect them to make your own picture.

Here is how it’s going to go down – the stuff my private clients pay $3,500+ for:


Module 1 :: Nail Your Message

Dig in to find what is True for YOU, and take charge of how you want your business to BE.

Get the Clarity you need to move forward with Trust and Confidence.

Set the ground work to translate your Truth (passion, vision, superpowers, conviction etc.) into a profitable business venture.

Overcome fears and other mindset yuckies so you can CLAIM IT and LIVE IT, for realz.


Module 2 :: Define Your Lucrative Niche

Find your CONVICTION that gives you the GUMPTION to make it all happen through a process that is way more than just some marketing exercise.

Know exactly what you offer and how it helps your peeps so you can be CONFIDENT telling people what you do and how you do it in a captivating way.

Get a whole lot of practical insights and strategies on how to create marketing materials that sell by digging into your ideal clients' psychology and connecting it with your superpowers.


Module 3 :: Craft Your Money-Maker - aka Your Offer

Synthesize all the juicy goodness you uncovered so far into your signature system and signature program so you can CLAIM your unique process and get the CONFIDENCE to sell your stuff.

Get your pricing and payment structure sorted so you don't lose steam when you get to the "numbers" bit.

See how to structure your payment plan to increase client commitment. Learn how to capture that client who is so ready to sign up but doesn't have the money right at that moment - without compromising your boundary.

Truth is, the process of crafting a signature system or program can be explained in a blog article or two. But a lot of people still get stuck, or they write up a signature program but fail to sell it. I will show you how to get over the hump, and help you strengthen you money mindset so you can actually GET PAID!

Congratulations! You now have something to sell, which means you are ready to roll in the dough, aka Monetize Your Truth!


Module 4 :: Design Your Profitable Business Model

Translate your strength and vision - as reflected by your signature system - into a profitable business model that serves your peeps, leverages your superpowers and gives you the income you want.

Design YOUR version of Profit Pyramid so you know what you need to do to hit the numbers.

Be empowered to take meaningful and impactful actions so instead of overwhelm, you can discern what is right for you and do what brings you closer to living your full potential.

Groovy? Still here? Want to know the nitty-gritty?

  • Immediately upon sign up, you will get instant access to eye-opening prep work to move you toward clarity.
  • You will get immediate access to all 4 learning modules (including audio lessons, transcripts and downloadable worksheets)
  • You can download your bonuses right away.
  • You will also have access to a special rate for scoring private sessions with yours truly within 60 days of your purchase.

Get the secret sauce to Nail Your Message,  Define Your Lucrative Niche and Illuminate Your Fastest Path to Cash for just $147!


Got Qs? Shoot me an email and I will get back to you asap.

But That's Not All!
Get These Juicy Bonuses When You Sign Up Now:

Bonus #1

When you sign up for this program, you will receive instant access to the “GET MORE CLIENTS” Enrollment Conversations Secrets Trainings for FREE because I don’t want to leave you hanging in the last mile (aka signing up the clients!)

It retails for $87 here, for real. Yes, people DO fork out $87 to buy it.

Bonus #2

"Supercharge Your Personality-Driven Business With the Fullest Expression of YOU" Bonus Module

Now that you have nailed your message and know whom you need to talk to (aka your ideal clients!) so you can sell your offer, let’s make sure you are talking to them in a way that builds the "like, know and trust" factor.

This bonus module will help you find your voice and show you how to get over the fears and defeating self-talk that comes up when you step up to be honest, transparent and YOU in your marketing communications.

Clear Focus On My Message and Offering

"Prior to the program, I had been struggling to put my many ideas into a cohesive format to get my message out to the world so that I can help the peeps I’m here to help. Since your program and enlightening coaching calls, I’m super clear on my message + superpowers, and have packaged them up into an awesome method! Now I can focus on creating my site so my ideal clients can have a fun + safe haven to call home! I can’t thank you enough!"

Patti Lynn Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, 

Giving "Meaning" To "Purpose"... It Changed My Perspective Completely!

“There are other programs "out there" that walk people through finding their business purpose. But this program takes it several steps further and gives that information meaning. [Ling shows us] WHY and HOW each of these matter in a way that is going to critically impact the marketing and income of your business. 

When I saw the pre-session work, I got nervous. But going through the first module and having Ling lay out exactly why these answers matter and mapping them to the specific marketing and income objectives gave the entire process new meaning. In fact, I had to go back through the pre-session work and re-evaluate my answers to make sure I wasn't "calling it in" because now I really understood how and why those answered mattered in more specific business context. 

The first unit alone altered how I look at my business overall, and how being truthful about my motivations can actually HELP me be successful even if they're not always altruistic."

Heather DeGeorge Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Speaker, Educator, and Consultant

100% Good Fit Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don’t resonate with my approach after reviewing the materials, simply send me an email and let me know within 14 days of your purchase. I will offer you a 100% refund out of my own pocket – no hassle, no quibble. You can keep everything, including the bonuses.

Just $147 to Kick Overwhelm, Nail Your Message, and
Take Impactful Actions for your Fastest Path to Cash –
Are you game?


Got Qs? Shoot me an email and I will get back to you asap.

Nailed My Ideal Client Profile Laser Fast

“I had a great *feel* for who my refined market and ideal client was but I would get totally flubbed up when I tried to speak or write about it. It just wasn’t landing and it was sooo frustrating to be really passionate about what I was doing and feel like I wasn’t being heard or valued.

What I love about Ling is that she speaks my language – cutting through the BS and getting right to the straight talk! Her mad intuitive skills channeled the complete persona of my dream clients from what they were thinking and saying right down to what they were wearing – and she was LASER FAST. JUST NAILED IT.

The truth is, a day that goes by with you not being heard and seen for the real you in your marketing is a day that’s not only lost for your business, but one day more that your people have to stew without getting your help!

Instead of chasing your tail in your head trying to “figure it out”, quit wasting your time and precious energy – work with Ling, seriously. You’ll be blown away, just like I was. Thank you, Ling!!!”

Marcie Mauro Red Hot Soul, 

Step Up and Claim My Superpowers

"I’m blown away by how much came through in only 30 minutes working with Ling. I got clear about what was standing in my way, what my superpower is and how I can use my gifts in my business. Not to mention that I had a blast and Ling has an amazing energy about her. I highly highly recommend working with Ling if you want to get clear on what your gifts are and move through the obstacles that have been blocking you from stepping into your full potential."

Casey Choate Divine Business Strategist, 

Having All of Me In My Business

“In one of our sessions Ling read my energy and saw that I was blocked in the area of communication. Together we uncovered that I’d been hiding out and my results were reflecting it. I’d been sprinkling in the spiritual bits of myself into my marketing and my work with my clients and it was obvious that I’d been “dumbing” myself down to “fit in,” “be liked” and to “be marketable.” Even when I knew that what’s most attractive is authenticity, I was still afraid to completely be myself. We had a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH once I looked at my fears and became willing to express all of me in my business. I am beyond grateful for my work with Ling. She is intuitive, business savvy and a valuable mentor.”

JeeJee Saafir Business Love Doctor, 

Got Qs? Here are some As:

I am just starting out and don’t have anything set up, is it right for me?

YES! We will get you started on the right foot so you don’t have to chase your tail on the hamster wheel! With this clarity, you can move on to choose the trainings and tools that align with your goals and the way you want to express your passion and vision – saving you a load of time, money and energy.

Most importantly - YOU WILL HAVE AN OFFERING TO SELL* and hit the ground running with confidence - the focus and conviction you gain from this program will supercharge your actions.

* I can't emphasize enough how important this "having something to sell" bit is - I see so many people running like a chicken with its head cut off doing all the "marketing" stuff that leads nowhere because they don't have something they can confidently offer their clients so they can get PAID!

My business is plugging along and I have the basic marketing touch points all set up. I just feel like I sound a tad generic, or “something is missing”, even though I have done everything “by the book” like I was taught in some trainings and programs. Is this program too “basic” for me?

Nope. Even if it's not your first rodeo, and you have taken your fair share of "programs", I am pretty certain that my unique way of approaching this foundational piece can help you see your biz from a different perceptive and find the missing piece(s) to give you the FIRE to revamp and reignite your biz.

We will help you find your unique positioning that makes "competition" a non-issue. We will make sure you are expressing your voice and personality in a way that gets you clients in everything that you do.

Sure, not every piece of information will be new to you. But think about it, even if you get just ONE piece of AHA from this program that helps you up level or change the trajectory of your business... it is worth more that the $147 investment. If you give it a whirl and don't dig it... just let me know and you get a 100% refund!

I am in another program (or two, or three…) learning all these social media, copywriting, online marketing and whatnot stuff – is this program any different?

YES! This program is not about sending you down the path of busy work. You will create (or upgrade) the FOUNDATION for your business to supercharge the strategies and tactics you learn from other trainings. With this clarity and foundation, you can make anything you learn from other programs meaningful for YOU.

Invest this $147, and you can potentially recuperate THOUSANDS of dollars you have spent on trainings and programs that are collecting dust on your hard drive because now you can deploy them to your advantage!

Do I have to spend a lot of time doing the assignments?

How much you get out of this program depends on how much you put into it. You WILL look at your business differently if you just listen to the training modules. You WON’T have much to show for if you don’t do the work and implement.

You will have access to a special rate to get my 1:1 TLC. This program doesn’t come with copywriting elves* so you will have to put in the elbow grease to get the most out of it.

Question for you is – is getting the clarity so you can build a profitable business you can call your own a high priority for you? Are you willing to make the time to do what is important for YOU so you can take charge and create your future?

* I do have a standalone copy editing service I offer my going-steady clients so you can hit me up when the time is right.

Let's make magic together:

Fresh Perspective That Opens Up Opportunities

"Hi Ling – Thank you for the great coaching session and for taking the time to truly listen to my concerns about my niche. Your questions were thought provoking and insightful. You were able to cut to the chase and validate my interest in working with clients on Core Values. You were able to tap into my passion about coaching around a unique niche in a way that I hadn’t been able to see previously. I was better able to see new possibilities and recognize my unique gifts which opened up new avenues and opportunities.”

Kathy D’Agostino Win at Life Coaching, 

Breakthrough Insights For a Personal Development Veteran

“I had a lot of insights about an issue I was facing from doing “inner work” such as EFT, Law of Attraction and meditation etc., but I still felt stuck and frustrated. I was compelled to reach out to Ling after visiting her awesome website.

At first, our conversation sounded similar to what others had told me and I was feeling a bit skeptical. Then, to my surprise, Ling offered me 2 completely new and different ways to look at my challenge. I have never considered these different perspectives or heard anyone say that before. They made total sense to me and felt right. Now I feel confident, and I am excited about the breakthroughs ahead armed with this fresh perspective. Thanks Ling!”

Michele Hanson-O’Reggio Virtual Team & Systems Expert,

Rocked My Networking Event

“After my call with Ling I felt energized by her straight up no BS style. I had much more clarity on what I offer and how to narrow down my market so I can create targeted messages. She helped me realize that I was sending mixed messages in my approach and helped me clarify what to offer that is align with my strength and my passion – in less than an hour! Two days after our call I delivered my 30 second elevator speech to my business networking group and I had their attention in a way that hasn’t happened before (and I have taken trainings from a big-name coach who is “famous” for networking)!”

Janine McHale Holistic Health Coach

Illuminated My Fastest Path To Cash

"In less than an hour, Ling helped me realize that I'm only one step away from realizing my dream. She illuminated how I was getting in my own way and not even realizing it. I'm still amazed (after 2 weeks) at the "light-bulb" moments I experienced during our conversation. The one that really stood out for me was that I have already been having discovery conversations with my potential clients, so all I have to do is make an offer! Ling showed me my Fastest Path to Cash in a flash! I am excited that I can take these lightbulb moments and implement them right away to start generating revenue."

Jennifer Sharpless Board Certified Coach, Health & Wellness

Nailed My Message In 20 Minutes

"My session with Ling was very eye-opening and enlightening. She has a way of getting to the root of the matter, and she helped me hone in on my core philosophy in just 20 minutes!! I now feel empowered to move forward and to claim it, own it, and go with it to get my message out there! Thanks, Ling!"

Patti Lynn Student at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition 

An Iconoclast and Magician

"During my 45-minute session with Ling I encountered her as an iconoclast and magician.

She definitely has a point of view towards many marketing trainings available in the market. She doesn't just criticize, however. She has an original, very positive approach that offers a different perspective. She began our session by tuning in to my frustrations in learning online marketing - how training modalities offer turn-key solutions that do not take into account individual differences, intuitiveness or creativity. Then we got to examine my fears: procrastination being one example. The dark, negative stuff actually turned out to be the gold of my transformation. And then comes focus. The focus on results. She opened up some specific business organizing possibilities that I, as a newbie, can now go out and test."

Don Karp Author and Creator of Self Esteem Directory 

Captured My Essence and Identity In 30 Minutes

"Starting a business comes with a tremendous amount of indecision, and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that you are not going to get anywhere trying to sort through it all by yourself. During my half hour Session with Ling I was able to capture the essence of my passion and tweak my business to reflect that. We rewrote the language of my website to capture the interest of potential clients while also properly conveying my true identity. I am very grateful for the clarity I received from this session!"

Jess Hershey Social Media Expert

Are you ready to nail that CLARITY to fuel the CONVICTION so you can have the GUMPTION to Monetize Your Truth?

Let's nail Your Message and translate it into signature offering and marketing communications that Get You Clients:

p.s. You know what pisses me off? People coming to me after going through those $1,997 or even $3,997 programs offered by some big-name coaches and still have NO conviction about their niche, NO confidence about their unique talent, and NO unique signature program they can sell!!

I am going to end this – if you are ready to stop doing busy work and spinning your wheel with another bright shiny object - and get down to business to Monetize Your Truth, I am ready when you are.

p.p.s. if you are wondering if you would resonate with my approach, I have made a video on "Niche" that will give you some very good insight on my unique perspective - watch it here.