Write, Publish & Market Your Book in 4 Weeks


I’m not going to start with some “yes” questions about visibility, credibility, expert status, or getting more clients – of course you want them!  

I believe you want more than those run-of-the-mill business-coachy things…


You want a purpose- and personality-driven business.  

You believe that to live fully means to not only know who you are but also to express your values, convictions, life experiences, talents and skills through the lens of your contribution to the world.  

You have developed a unique point-of-view and approach to your subject matter of expertise through the years of working with clients and refining your skills.  

Your body of work is emerging, and it’s time to put a stake in the ground.


That’s why you are here to write your book.

That’s why you refuse to stay stuck on your bum and let this message die inside of you.

That’s why you’re not going to wait till you’re 85 and retired before publishing your book.  

I’m not here to convince you that you need to write a book because it’s going to be greeeat for your business. You know that already.  

I’m here to tell you getting your book written and published doesn’t have to be a 3-year saga, and I’m here to help you make it happen.  

You can stop telling people you’re writing your book… instead, tell them you ARE a published author before February ends.  

I know you can do it… because I’ll show you the exact plan I followed to write, publish, and market my Kindle book in 4 weeks…  

… while life happened…


“Copywriting Alchemy” hit #2 on Kindle’s Small Business category.

It scored ten 5-star reviews within the first five days.


Not too shabby for a 4-week “get off my ass and get it done” sprint.   

“Writing a book” is often the kind of thing that if you don’t set a crazy deadline it just won’t get done, ever.  

My little book isn’t a national bestseller. It didn’t put me on Oprah. And I’m certainly not counting on the royalty for retirement…  

… but then I’m not a professional “author” who gets a giant advance so I could lock myself up in a cabin; nor am I one of those bigwigs who has a well-oiled marketing machine churning out launches 24/7.   

It’s just little me – chasing kids, battling the family stomach flu, navigating Halloween, handling other client projects, sneezing through seasonal allergies – putting in the elbow grease and dedicating a couple of hours a day to the cause.   

The process was so revealing and gratifying. I learned a whole lot about my unique points-of-view and experienced my own body of work coming into focus.  

Writing a book is a journey of solidifying your convictions
and putting a stake in the ground.

And I want you to experience that magical moment when it all comes together.


Become a Published Author in 4 Weeks Bootcamp


It’s a “talk less do more” kind of program. But it doesn’t mean checking shit off the list and giving you the illusion of being “productive”…  

Everything we do will be grounded in the concept of Honest Marketing and the idea of Doing Good Work.  

We set the stage for creating meaning and delivering value before you launch into action. 

Ready for the blow-by-blow plan? Here's how we roll:


I take the creative process very seriously and I want this process to inform your body of work.  

I want us to spend the first week to get clear on your topic so it truly fuels you and is meaningful to you; 

We'll nail your angle and the unique contribution you’re bringing to this conversation;

You'll define your writing voice and how your relate to your audience; and validate the transformation you promise so you can keep your content focused.  

We'll validate the transformation (your big promise) so you can keep your content focused.  

You build the solid foundation for your book and see how it informs your body of work - without this, the rest is just busy work.

Now we write:

  • Translate the clarity you gained in the past week into a clear direction for your book   
  • Write your outline and intro  
  • Set up your writing file and fill it up with content you already have… no more blank screen and blinking cursor!  
  • Create bridge content to tie it all together into a cohesive narrative

Your book is shaping up nicely, and you're almost ready to generate a review copy!

We keep writing:

  • Finish your bridge content and generate a review copy (yes, you have a draft!)  
  • Start editing and proofreading

And we start marketing:

  • Line up promo partners
  • Recruit launch team/inner circle
  • Schedule your email marketing

You’ll get tips, ideas and my email template for partner outreach. 

You'll get the questionnaire template to recruit your launch team, plus weekly communication ideas to keep them engaged and supportive.  

I’ll show you my email marketing schedule, and the exact emails I sent out to promote the book.

In just 2 weeks, you'll see your book take shape and know that getting it published is indeed very doable!

Almost done with writing:

  • Finish editing
  • Start formatting (it's much easier than you think!) 
  • Design book cover

Dig into marketing:

  • Set up your book landing page 
  • Create social media assets  
  • Plan your content marketing

I’ll show you the "easy buttons" I use for proofreading and formatting, and walk you through the process to generate your .mobi file.  

I’ll also share some graphic design tips and show you how I created my book cover and social media graphic with free online tools in just a couple of hours (if DIY is your thing.)

It's sooooo close you can taste it! Your book is about to get on Amazon!

Write up the book description ;)

Upload your book to Amazon and get it ready for pre-order!!  

Final push for marketing:

  • Set up list-building book bonus
  • Generate buzz on social media
  • Get launch team and partners ready
  • Line up book reviews
  • Other ideas

I’ll walk you through the details of each of these promotional activities, and you’ll get a launch day checklist so nothing falls through the crack.

Holy Crap, you ARE a published author!

Publishing your book is just the beginning.

You can leverage it in so many ways and I want you to ride the momentum and excitement.  

Right after your book launches, we’ll spend the last week together brainstorming ways to make your book work harder for you.  

It’s not just listing out a whole bunch of activities you see other people doing.

We'll find the expression that is right for you, your audience, your message, and your strength.



You’ll have access to a private page with all the resources – including a free copy of my new book “Copywriting Alchemy” (which will help you set your foundation in week 1), weekly instructional content, and supplementary videos (to demo a few things) once you sign up.  

You’ll also find instruction to book 1:1 clarity session with me at a special rate, if you want personal support from me.  

We're not loading you up with useless “bonuses” (aka info products I’ve sitting in the dark corner of my hard drive) because you need to focus on writing your book, not being distracted by more “it may be useful someday” information.


Watch this webinar replay to get more details about this 4-week process, and see if my approach resonates with you:


Honest Marketing + Do Good Work = Get It DONE, Meaningfully.

Now it’s time to do all the call-to-action thingie and get you to whip out your credit card.  

But not yet, grasshopper. I’m doing something different.  

You’ve to read through my pricing INTENTION, so you can make the right decision for yourself:  

(Yes, breaking the rule. I’m making it harder for you to pay me. But then if you want it easy go to fiverr, hire a ghostwriter who cares nada about your message and phones it in. You don’t need to be here.)  

As I was writing my book, it became clear to me that what truly makes me tick is to help my Maverick-preneur peeps find their writing voice and express their values, personalities and expertise through copywriting and content marketing.  

The honest and fullest expression of your ideas, values, convictions
through the lens of your expertise and business.  

Writing a book is not just about the creation of the final product.

It’s a growth process in and of itself. It’s a journey through which we get to sow the seeds of our body of work.  

You can sit around and read about writing. But if you want to get good, if you want to finally find your voice and nail that unique expression, you have to get off your bum and do it.  

Experiment, iterate, refine.     


Embrace experimentation as you try different things to see what put your values, convictions, personality and strength in the best light possible.  

To do so, you can’t put yourself in a box and mechanically execute.  

Here’s the reason why I’m NOT selling you a $997 course, or even a $297 program.  

I don’t want this bootcamp to be one of those “cost you arm and a leg” book courses that take the entire 3 months out of your life – so much at stake and you feel like you have to follow everything and color inside the line. 

Tiptoeing around "what's supposed to be" doesn't give you the breakthrough you need.

I want to give you a framework, marketing ideas and timeline, but also encourage experimentation so you can define what works for you.  

YOUR expression.

If you hit #2 or #5 instead of #1 – no big deal! You iron out some kinks and maybe repeat this 4-week process with another book.  

You keep doing it – this is how you get good, this is how you accumulate your body of work.

If you make it a constant struggle, take it too seriously, fall flat and get intimidated by the long laboriously process so much so that you’re reluctant to do it all over again, then your message may die inside of you.  

It’s about finding YOUR expression for your body of work.

You need to do it instead of thinking about doing it to know if it’s the best way to express your message and your strength.  

If writing a book is not your thing, I don’t want you to bang your head on a wall because you just dumped a fortune into a course that’s of no use to you.  

So we’re doing it differently…   It’s not about the price.

It’s about what it means for you, what’s going to kick you into action while giving you the liberty to experiment…


Have enough skin in the game. Show yourself you’re in it to make it happen. Take your project seriously.  

Give yourself permission to color outside the line. Treat it as a framework rather than an expensive plan that makes you feel like crap if you decide to get “creative.”  

Don’t be douchey. I reserve the rights to issue a refund, instead of sending access info, if you’re just mucking around.  

You'll get (almost) instant access to all the program materials -- including instruction, project plan, worksheets, videos -- once you sign up.

Payment instruction: when you click on the button, you’ll be taken to a PayPal page to enter the amount you want to pay – it has "slideberry" as business name and you’ll see my mug right there. After you log in, add “Bootcamp payment” in the special instruction field. Then choose your payment method, including PP balance, bank account or credit card. If you don’t have a PP account and don’t want to set one up, give me a shout and I’ll shoot you an invoice. At around 5pm EST each day, I’ll email instruction to those who sign up that day or the night before.  

You can always email me ling {at} business-soulwork.com if you have questions, or if you don't hear from me within 24 hours of your payment.

<< If you’re really scratching your head about the number, see if the $67 - $97 range sits well with you. Trust your guts. >>

One last lil' note: the webinar replay on this page mentioned a FB group. It was set up for the live program, which is now over. You can request access to the group, however, personal support will be dialed back.

In case you're wondering who I am...

Ling Wong :: Intuitive Brainiac | Creativity Mentor | Copywriting Alchemist. Author of Copywriting Alchemy: Secrets to Turning a Powerful Personal Brand Into Content that Sells.

Through my unique blend of marketing coaching, content strategy and copywriting process, I help the maverick-preneurs find their writing voice and express their values, personalities and expertise through copywriting and content marketing.

I'm Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing certified. Through my writing engagements with various SaaS and marketing companies with the goals of driving organic traffic, building readership and increasing conversion, I'm well-versed in topics including online marketing, content marketing, eCommerce, conversion, UX, social media marketing, and more. 

I help coaches, consultants, service professionals, solopreneurs and small businesses apply these best practices to their specific business models and circumstances. 

I'm an avid cyclist with OCD (obsessive climbing disorder,) runner and chocoholic.

Copyright © Ling Wong | business-soulwork.com 2016-2017.

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