Get Traffic, Leads, Exposure, Credibility, Visibility…
without paying an arm and a leg...

Somewhere along the way, you were told you *have* to blog to grow your biz online.

So you did. But soon you found yourself going through the motion, and “blogging” quickly turned into a weekly writing exercise with some distance promise of credibility, SEO and traffic.

You get tangled up in templates, checklists, keyword research… which sucked the joy of writing and sharing your ideas out of the process.

You wonder if you “should” keep doing it… and you wonder if blogging is REALLY helping you grow your business.

Let’s say you DO enjoy the process of putting your ideas, passions, convictions and solutions on “paper” to share with the world (if not, I can’t make you un-hate writing!) GOOD NEWS is, content marketing IS very effective, if you do it right.

Blogging, as part of a larger content marketing strategy, can be a powerful tool to:

--> Drive traffic to your website without paying a ton for ads

-->  Improve your SEO ranking so you can be found online

--> Grow your list with highly-qualified potential clients or customers

--> Boost your expert status and credibility

--> Keep you “top of mind” in front of the right people

--> Build relationship with “influencers” and open up JV opportunities

--> Put you in front of potential clients that might never cross path with you

Ultimately, all these will get you in front of your target market, 
line up more ideal clients and generate more income for you.

Ling Wong

Since I started blogging seriously for my business, my list has grown steadily and my message has reached more people. I am building up a loyal following that turns into paying clients.

I can directly attribute at least $5,000 revenue to ONE epic blog post, and $3,000 revenue to another… and that’s just a couple of examples.

There IS a distinction between “writing a journal on your website” and “blogging for business” – and I am going to show you how to rock the latter.

If you are a (sensitive) introvert like yours truly who is not huge on getting out to "networking event" or "speaking gigs" every other day, blogging is a great way to get your name out there without draining your battery power.

If you want to take this whole blogging thing out of the realm of being a “weekly writing exercise” and make it work hard for your biz, THIS is for you:

Cut to the chase, here is what you will learn from this 8-chapter no-nonsense guide:

  • The ONE ingredient you need above all to make your writing work for YOU

  • The secret weapon you already have that makes "other experts have already covered this topic" a non-issue
  • How to find the topics that will get you more clients
  • The one thing you need to put in place before you start writing
  • How to reach a bigger audience and build a readership with high-quality leads even if you don’t have a website yet (or in the process of rectifying website shame)
  • How to “get out there” and start the process of gaining more exposure, without having to go through the lengthy process of pitching and writing guest posts
  • Anatomy of a rockstar blog post – 11 essential ingredients to get your guest posts accepted by the “big blogs”
  • How to score guest posting opportunities like a pro; how to nail the topics that will get you "YESes" and what to do after you get published to make the post work really hard for your business

  • Email template to show you exactly what to say when pitching a guest post
  • The answer to the question “What To Write?” and why you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas
  • Tools to set your website up so your blog is working FOR your business - day in day out, plus resources such as (free!) cool stock photos, useful plug-ins and helpful articles
  • Of course, the “monetization” bit…

I am not going to belabor the whole sales page thing here (so you can actually get to work!), for you can get this guide at a drop-in-the-bucket 27 bucks, and have my 100% money back guarantee if you don’t dig it for any reason.

I am pretty sure even if you learn just ONE thing or implement ONE strategy that works for YOU, it will keep on giving and you will make your investment back many times over.

What You Get:

  • Instant download of one succinct PDF (approx. 42 pages), including links to additional information, tools and resources to help you take action.

  • Plus, you also get a BONUS audio training + transcript titled “Supercharge Your Personality-Driven Business With the Fullest Expression of YOU” in which I will show you how to overcome the mindset hurdle that is holding you back from being fully seen and heard as YOU. No more procrastination so you can finally hit that damn "Publish" button. 

100% Happiness Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t think this guide is helpful to you, just send the receipt back within 14 days of your purchase, and I will give you a full refund – no quibble, no hassle.

Turn blogging from Weekly Writing Exercise to Daily Profit Generator!

Get instant access to this no-BS actionable guide for $27:


This guide is for you if:

  • You are ready to share your passion, talent, conviction, and experience with the world through the magic of written words... so they can be savored, chewed on, and revisited
  • You want to drive high quality traffic to your website without paying an arm and a leg on advertising
  • You want to build a list of highly-qualified prospects who loves your style and resonate with your message... which makes turning them into paying clients a breeze
  • You are ready to step up, be seen, boost your credibility and claim your expert status

You can save your $27 and buy a decent lunch instead (aka, this guide is not for you) if:

  • You would rather pull a wisdom tooth than sit down to write a couple of hours a week. I can show you how to make your writing work for your biz, but I can’t make you un-hate writing
  • You just want to punch the clock by throwing in a few keywords and do a couple of grey-hat SEO tricks so you can check it off your marketing to-do list. "Phoning it in" is not my style, so I am not sure the way I roll is a good fit for you
  • You are an advanced/experienced blogger who wants to build a business on your blog – there is a slightly different way to do it, and this guide focuses on using blogging to support a business.

Get Traffic, Generate Leads, Gain Visibility, Boost Credibility...
And, Get More Clients!

Grab this content-packed no-nonsense guide for $27: